• Rosè DOC, Cabernet Franc e Ribolla Ferma | Borgo delle Rose

    Three new labels for wine lovers: Rosè DOC, Cabernet Franc and Ribolla Ferma

    Three new labels have been added to the seven Borgo delle Rose wines already available.

    One of these is Rosè DOC. We’ve already talked about this wine, but an extra bit of information won’t harm anyone. Distinctive traits? Its particularly floral and delicately fruity aroma, with hints of apple and red berries, that marries perfectly with its dry, harmonious palate featuring a delicate and pervasive finish. Ideal as an aperitif, it is the perfect accompaniment for appetizers and finger foods. It pairs very well with seafood, ranging from fried to raw and moderately-elaborate second courses. It enhances the flavour of cured meats and cheeses, brings out the nuances of vegetable risottos and is perfect paired with white meats cooked at low temperatures.

    The second new label is Cabernet Franc, featuring aromas of red fruits, blueberries and blackberries with grassy undertones. It is full-bodied and persistent yet elegant and refined, perfect with grilled meats and pasta dishes served with wild foul or game sauces.

    The last new entry is Ribolla Ferma, delivering a dry and slightly acidic, fragrant and complex palate with very inviting scents of white flowers enriched by light notes of fruit and green apple. The best pairings? With seafood dishes, in particular fried fish; also excellent with vegetable recipes and mild cheeses. Then again, if you decide to sip it before a meal as an aperitif, get prepared to be more than satisfied.

  • Prosecco rosé | Borgo delle Rose

    Prosecco Rosè DOC Borgo delle Rose will arrive in spring 2022

    In spring 2022, Prosecco Rosè DOC will become Borgo delle Rose’s eighth label, on top of the winery’s other seven wines. It took us a long time to find the “perfect” blend of grape varieties. After in-depth research, trials and tests, our oenologists managed to achieve their goal. We are very happy with our Prosecco Rosè DOC. And so were the palates of the wine lovers who benefited from the first wine tastings. Be prepared. Its particularly floral and delicately fruity aroma, with hints of apple and berries, paired with its dry, harmonious palate with a delicate and pervasive finish can’t wait to delight you.