Going from opening a retail store to a new coordinated image plus lots of other news.

We started selling to the public in 2021, fulfilling a dream the owner – Armando Cimolai – had always coveted. You will find our wines, together with lots of other products, in our store in San Quirino, at Via San Rocco 79/a. In the meantime, we have transformed Borgo delle Rose into an actual brand which we have “dressed” up for the occasion; we have identified symbols and colours that best represent it and that portray its philosophy, which we have extended to the labels on our bottles. At the same time, we have started to expand our farming skills to include orchards, as can be seen by the recent planting of a apple orchard. On top of this, the Circolo Ippico San Quirino (San Quirino Equestrian Club) has officially become a member of the great Borgo delle Rose family. What else can we add? Borgo delle Rose has a lot to offer you. You are all welcome.