Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso IGT

  • Grape varieties: 100% Refosco da Peduncolo Rosso.
  • Refinement: in steel for 4-5 months.
  • Bottle aging: 3-4 months.
  • Aroma: violets and ripe fruit, raspberries and mulberries.
  • Palate: elegant and balanced with an intensity that brings olfactory notes to the mouth; pervasive and lingering.

The grapes with their stalks removed are placed in the fermentation tanks where maceration starts; this consists in cooling the grapes for 3 days and then leaving them to ferment at 22-24°C, stirring several times per day. Malolactic fermentation is developed employing the co-inoculation technique. Maceration continues for 10-12 days.


Da definire

Borgo delle Rose’s wines: know-how dedicated to flavours.


At mealtimes Refosco is best appreciated with tasty meat recipes, especially with game and pork dishes. It is also excellent paired with cured meats, either raw or cooked, and with tasty, medium mature cheeses. Best served at 16-18°C.

Historical background

Traditionally speaking, Refosco is a very old, native grape variety which has been present in Italy since Ancient Roman times as witnessed by the fact that Pliny the Elder in the first century AD talked about it in his very famous treatise, Naturalis Historia.

In 1390, Francesco di Manzano, referring to ancient sources, wrote that Refosco was the favourite wine of the Emperor Augustus and of his wife Livia.