Sauvignon IGT

  • Grape varieties: 100% Sauvignon.
  • Refinement: in steel.
  • Bottle aging: 2-3 months.
  • Aroma: pineapple, elderberry and broom, all in well-balanced proportions.
  • Palate: its strong personality depends on its freshness, its delicate salinity and wonderful clarity.

The stalks are removed from the grapes which are then subjected to the cold maceration process for 36 hours at 5°C (cryomaceration) and then gently pressed. The clear must is then fermented at a controlled temperature, between 14 and 15°C. Fermentation and refinement take place in steel tanks with periodical “batonnage”(lee stirring).


Da definire

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Sauvignon goes very well with fish dishes. Its smooth mouthfeel makes it the ideal companion of ethnic or particularly spicy dishes. It’s also perfect with white meats, soups, pulses, grilled vegetables and risottos. Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs beautifully with mild cheeses and vegetables. Serve cold.

Historical background

Sauvignon is a semi-aromatic white grape variety originating from France, more precisely from the Loire Valley, specifically from the area around Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire. The name derives from “sauvage”, a French word that has various meanings, one of which is “wild”, probably referring to the origin of the vine species.